At T-Formation, our selection of high-quality screen printing services is ever growing. We only use the most innovative screen printing techniques on the market today. Especially when it comes to our pad printing. With our in-house pad printing. you get the ability to create a variety of options for custom decorating apparel.

What Is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a custom printing technique that transfers 2-dimensional images onto 3-dimensional objects. It is a printing process that makes it easier to print on unusually shaped objects.

Our pad printing service works by transferring ink onto an object with an irregular surface. You can print on almost any surface or material including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood

Advantages of Pad Printing

The many advantages pad printing provides includes the ability to print on irregular surfaces including:

  • Concave Surfaces
  • Convex Surfaces
  • Curved Surfaces
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Hollow Surfaces

At T-Formation, our pad printing services allow you to put logos, website addresses, and phone numbers on a variety of objects.

Pad printing is the printing option to delivers one of the best resolutions. Far better resolution than screen printing.

Depending on the ink used, pad printing is also used on objects that need high resistance to abrasions and chemicals.

Pad Printing Benefits

With pad printing, new printing possibilities become available for you to utilize. Options you could never get with traditional printing services. It completely replaces previous decorating processes like labeling and hot stamping.

The unique benefits that our pad printing services provide includes:

  • Excellent Resolution & Image Clarity
  • Best Option For 3D, Irregular Surface Materials, & Unusually Shaped Objects
  • Excellent Printing Option For Production Volumes
  • Easy Customization For Your Design Requirements
  • High Tec Options Available


Custom Screen Printing, Pad Printing Service Adding Label To Mason Jar


We here at T-Formation take pride in delivering impeccable customer service with our high-quality pad printing. 30 years of experience has established our reputation for quality service and dependability. Our innovative pad printing technology allows us to solve all your pad printing needs. For the highest quality pad printing service, contact T-Formation today by calling 1 (800) 223-7919 or Get A Quote NOW!  


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