FULL-PACKAGE might as well be our middle name. It’s what we specialize in! It’s what we do…and it’s why our clients love us. Do you have a job that needs to be pad printed, hang tagged, poly bagged, and drop shipped to several thousand locations?… Most printers would find this type of project to be mind-numbingly complicated. NOT US!

In addition to full package services we also offer custom wholesale t-shirt printing, embroidery, and a variety of other print options that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need bulk orders for a specific event or business, we offer t-shirt printing options for all occasions.

If you have a job requiring an intricate print technique, and your current printer just can’t seem to get it right, call us! We’ll handle it, and ship it on time to as many retail, or corporate locations you need.

When you need:

  1. Quick Turnaround Time
  2. Discounted Wholesale Orders
  3. Personalized Designs
  4. Value Added Services (VAS) include: pad printing, hang tagging, poly bagging, and pre-pack direct shipping to hundreds of destinations.

There’s only one name to remember. T-Formation.

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Our Strengths

High Color Count Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method of creating an image on apparel by pressing ink through a series of screens. While the “art” of screen printing has been around for centuries, this form of “art” has evolved into a highly complex process. At T-Formation, our team of graphic designers and printers have honed this skill to photo-realistic reproduction quality. You won’t find this level of quality anywhere else!

Custom Embroidery

If your company needs to have casual corporate wear consisting of embroidered shirts, hats, jackets, or even bags, we’re your one-stop shop for all your promotional needs. With a team of skilled operators, no job is too complex! If you really want to elevate your printed apparel, ask us about our mixed-media products where traditional screen printing and embroidery are combined to create many interesting visual effects.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation utilizes specially formulated inks, which are applied to carrier sheets. The carrier sheets are then applied to the blank garment and both are run through the sublimation press together, under extreme heat and pressure. At roughly 400 degrees, these special inks ‘flash’ from a solid to a gaseous state, permanently dyeing the fabrics with the image.

Hang Tagging, Polybagging, Retail Sku

If you need more than just quality screen printing, T-Formation also offers clients specialized services such as hang-tagging, poly-bagging, retail SKU’s and more. When you need a screen printer who can do it all, look no further. T-Formation is the best in the business!

Logistics. Logistics. Logistics.

Over the past three decades, T-Formation has earned our reputation as one of the most trusted apparel decorators in the nation, because our quality is unmatched and we can manage logistics like no one else. We routinely manage campaigns for our clients that may include 1,000’s of shipping locations, with custom printed programs, all requiring an unyielding commitment to detail. If it isn’t right…it’s wrong. And, at T-Formation we specialize in “right”, and have a long track record of success to prove it!

Pad Print

T-Formation has added in-house pad printing to our ever-expanding selection of decoration techniques. Now you can get tagless tees, custom printed with your own branded size/care labels direct from T-Formation!


Discharge printing gives a screen print effect but without using traditional screen print inks, so your garment stays soft to the touch. The discharge process actually removes the dye from the garment rather than laying ink on top of it and can be used in a variety of applications. Because there are no screen printing inks in use, this application creates an extremely soft hand that is hugely popular in retail markets.

Vintage Distressed

Vintage distressed is a print technique where we manufacture and print a brand-new t-shirt look and feel as familiar, as the favorite shirt you’ve worn for years.

Vintage distressed images create a great soft hand feel and a washed-and-worn look that is highly sought after in the retail world.

Simulated Process Color

Simulated process is an artwork separation technique that uses spot color inks and special separations using halftones to achieve photo-realistic images.

At T-Formation, one of our greatest strengths is creating artwork separations that print so realistically, you’ll think you could grab ’em right off the shirt!

Best Full Package Custom Apparel in Florida

When you need the best custom decorated apparel in all of Florida, you can depend on the work performed by the team at T-Formation. For over 30 years, we have been providing a high quality, high volume screen printing service. Regardless as to what type of t shirt fulfillment services you are in need of, T-Formation can help! Read More…

#1 T Shirt Fulfillment & Printing Company

From high quality screen printing options to embroidery, T-Formation offers a wide array of services to meet all of your t shirt fulfillment needs. At T-Formation, we believe in more than just producing great results for you and want to take it one step further by providing the best custom t shirts out on the market! We have worked meticulously and diligently to keep this promise that was made over three decades ago true! Not only did we promise this but we also vowed to offer all of our custom printed t shirts at a competitive price and deliver your product in a timely manner! Providing the absolute best quality custom t shirts at the very best price and quick delivery time every time for over 30 years, T-Formation has proven to be at the top in the industry!

High Quality Custom Screen Printing

For the absolute greatest quality custom screen printing services, you can depend on T-Formation. We’ve been leaders in the industry because of unique screen printing options! T-Formation has a team of graphic designers unlike any other company! We strive for perfection, especially when it comes to your t shirt fulfillment services and screen printing being done right! With our high volume screen printer, we are able to produce photo-realistic custom t shirts at an unbeatable rate.

Apparel & T Shirt Embroidery Services

Do you need to have a logo, message, image, or phrase woven into apparel? All of your embroidery needs can be handled by T-Formation. In fact, we have gained a positive reputation for apparel embroidery and custom t shirt embroidery. So whether you need embroidered shirts, embroidered hats, an embroidered jacket, or an embroidered bag, T-Formation is here to assist with all of your custom design needs for apparel and more!

Dye Sublimation Printing

T-Formation offers a variety of different screen printing options, one of which even includes dye sublimation printing. Sublimation printing involves the use of a particular formation of dyes, placing them onto carrier sheets, and then putting the carrier sheets onto apparel of your choice. Then both the carrier sheet and apparel undergo the sublimation printing process with one another. With the right amount of heat and pressure, T-Formation is able to create the designs you want! The results of sublimation printing are unique and you get the faded image you want on your custom decorated apparel items.

Hang Tagging, Polybagging, & Retail SKU

In addition to screen printing services, T-Formation is known as the best t shirt fulfillment company because we extend our services to match your needs by preparing retail ready t-shirts. That means our services include hang tagging, polybagging, and creating retail SKU for direct ship to retail store locations. We take care of all your needs so that your items are ready to go! There’s no greater company for t shirt fulfillment than T-Formation in South Florida.

Pad Printing Techniques

The selection of screen printing services at T-Formation is ever growing! You can count on the latest, most innovative screen printing techniques being offered, including pad printing. We are always trying to create a variety of options for t shirt decorating that you can choose from. That’s why we strive to provide the very best tagless t shirt designs and custom prints with images of your choice!

Discharge Printing

When you want a more fragile and soft screen printing technique for creating your custom decorated apparel, discharge printing is an excellent option. T-Formation offers this type of screen printing option because instead of using standard dyes, this technique takes dye off the item of your choice. This technique can be used to create a number of different designs and leaves your items feeling just as they were prior to the screen print process.

Vintage Distressed T Shirts

If you are looking for a fun, unique custom t shirt screen printing technique, then vintage distressed printing could be the option for you! Although it will be done on a brand new custom t shirt, vintage distressed printing allows t shirts to have an aged but clean appearance. This leaves a different, worn out style that continues to be trending in the t shirt design world!

Simulated Process Coloring

One of the most popular types of screen printing that is offered by T-Formation includes simulated process coloring. This type of screen printing option allows for designs to be formed by the use of spot color inks and halftones. You won’t find a better quality custom t shirt design using simulated process anywhere else other than at T-Formation!

T-Formation, Leading Company for Custom Decorated Apparel

With the best high quality custom decorated apparel and custom t shirt designs in all of Florida, T-Formation produces all products in excellence, in addition to offering them at the very best price and delivering them in the most time-efficient manner! We are all about the customer at T-Formation, which is why we only want to provide the absolute best to every individual receiving our products and services. To get a quote for one of our t shirt fulfillment services, contact T-Formation today by calling 1 (800) 223-7919 or filling out our contact form!