WOW! Where has the time gone? Over thirty years ago…in 1987, we opened a small shop in Tallahassee, Florida, with two manual presses. And we founded the company with three HUGE promises to our clients, and to ourselves. First, we’d print the best custom shirt anywhere. Second, we’d print it at a competitive price…and lastly, we’ll deliver the job on-time, every time!

Since then, we’ve been rocking the industry…growing by leaps and bounds all by word of mouth. Three expansions later, we’re now located in Midway, Florida, a neighboring community of Tallahassee.

With decades of experience in the custom decorated apparel industry, we have the chops to do anything, and a proven track record of success with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies.

Let us sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

Our Team


Alan Gentry

Meet Alan Gentry. He’s the President of the company and has been a leader in the screen printing and embroidered apparel business for several decades. The son of an Air Force test pilot…Alan migrated to Tallahassee via Florida State University where he played on the Seminoles baseball team as an outfielder. Not many people can say Chuck Yeager was a close family friend. Alan can.

He bats left-handed, throws left-handed but can hit a t-shirt deal right out of the park! If it can be done…Alan has probably done it several times over! Call Alan and let him help you with your custom decorated apparel program!


Phil Brown

Phil Brown, CPA is our Chief Financial Officer.  As with most CPA’s you’d expect to find a guy who knows his way around the numbers and taxation rules…and Phil does. Prior to joining the T-Formation team, Phil had nearly 25 years in restaurant management before pursuing his Master’s Degree in Taxation. Now, a full-fledged CPA, he’s lending his expertise to our team…and we’re glad to have him.


Tim Horak

Tim Horak is T-Formation’s plant manager.  A native of Iowa….Tim got in the screen business in the 1990’s and enjoyed it so much, he was called up to the big leagues of textiles when he moved to North Carolina in 1994. Since then his travels have led him to Honduras, Ohio, back to Honduras, a quick-stint in Mexico, and now to Tallahassee. Tim’s a 26-year veteran of the screen printing industry, so he knows his stuff. He’s also a proud papa of four daughters, and a new grandson born this past year!


Davis McDermond

Davis Mcdermond is our Customer Service and Sales Manager. Born in Washington state…Davis moved often as a child…as his dad was an FBI agent. Thankfully, his family settled in Thomasville, Georgia…a culturally vibrant community just on the other side of the state line, where he was recognized as one of the areas top baseball players. He spent two years playing ball at ABAC College in Tifton, Georgia before concentrating on academics at the University of Georgia. Davis is a rising talent at T-Formation and specializes in getting the job done right. Got a tight deadline? Call Davis. He’ll get it done for you!


Russ Dann

How to best describe our Art Director, Russ Dann… he is a man of many talents and experiences. Professionally, Russ began his career in Tampa at Nutmeg Mills, one of the pioneers in sports marketing apparel as a screen printer, which was purchased by Vanity Fair, and ultimately became VF Imagewear.

Headhunters looking for young, energetic talent found Russ and helped bring his talents to some of the biggest names in the industry, including Liberty, New Holland and Delta Apparel. He has spent almost 3 decades honing his skills, including stints in Honduras and El Salvador where he helped to developed cutting-edge separation and print techniques that are still practiced today. When it comes to art and embellishments, few, if any, surpass Russ’ knowledge.

Russ is also a HUGE sports fan, and a great weekend for Russ is spending time with his daughter, or jumping in his modified Jeep with his wife, JoJo and their two dogs, and heading out into the wilderness for adventure.

In short, Russ has been there, done that… and made a few million t-shirts along the way!

Our Facilities


The production facility at T-Formation was custom-designed and built for our operation. Built in 2005, we have 50,000 square feet of production and administration spaces, solely focused on producing your order. Nearly 100 employees, running two full shifts, allows us to meet the most challenging deadlines. The equipment we operate is exclusively M&R technology and we have 10 multi-color presses, plus dryers. Combined with state-of-the-art operating systems, built exclusively for T-Formation…we are conveniently located within a 2-day ship from anywhere on the eastern seaboard. We’re ready to go to work for you!