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Simple Guide To Designing Your T-Shirt

Like many of us, life can get a bit busy. However, not too busy to design your own t-shirt. At T-Formation, our team of professionals provides custom screen printing services for all your apparel needs. Tap into your creative ability to design amazing apparel.

Flex your creative fingers, T-Formation is here to provide expert advice and tips for creating the best custom design t-shirt.  Nothing feels better than rocking a t-shirt you designed yourself. No matter how simple or complicated your design is, our guide will make the entire process simple.

Convey Your Message

You should have a least a vague idea about the message you want to convey with your design. Know what you want your design to say both figuratively and literally.

Also, remember to think about the size of your design in addition to the message.

Ensure your graphics are not over the top or overly complicated. Once you have the design you want in mind, craft a sketch of it. Do not worry about your artwork, we have the tools you need t perfect your design.

Select A Printing Style

The printing style you choose is going to have a huge impact on your design. All of T-Formation’s screen printing services provide professional and vibrant looks.

Check our Screen Printing Services to see the different screen printing styles.

Choose An Image or Photo

There are tons of resources online where you can purchase an image that is ready to go. If you are an artist or know someone who is, then you can sketch your own design. This an excellent way to have your own design created.

At T-Formation, we will gladly assist you with your t-shirt design even if all you have is a rough sketch.

Always select an image that connects with your message. Make it funny, serious, or as abstract as you want.

Always make sure you have explicit permission and full rights to use the mages you wish to print.

Select Your Font

A font can take your design to the next level. Again, ensure you have the licensing and permission to use the font you want.

A few tips for selecting the right font for your design include:

  • Choose No More Than 2-3 Fonts
  • Ensure Font Size Is Large Enough To Read  
  • Use Contrasting Colors To Make Fonts Standout
  • Avoid Gimmicky Fonts

The Right Printing Company

What is a great design without a high quality finish? At T-Formation, our expert printers make any design become a reality. We are the printing company that truly delivers the custom design apparel you desire.   

Do you have a design already that you want to print? Contact T-Formation and learn all about our custom screen printing service. Either call (800) 223-7919 or Get A Free Quote Here!      

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