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How To Wash Your Clothes For Longevity

There is no better feeling then putting on a fresh, brand new t-shirt. From the strong colors to the soft fabric. Not to mention the incredibly crisp design. If only your t-shirt could last this way forever.

Well, luckily it can, with T-Formations guide to washing your clothes for longevity.

At T-Formation, we are not only obsessed with printing custom apparel but we strive to make them last a lifetime. To increase your custom apparel’s longevity, check out our guide on washing your clothes for longevity.

Prepare Your Clothes For Wash

One of the worst things you can do to your t-shirts is to just carelessly toss them into the wash. When in fact, what you do before throwing your clothes into the wash is what helps them last longer. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sort Your Clothes

This goes beyond separating your clothes by color. More importantly, you want to separate your clothes by:

  • Fabric Type
  • Texture
  • Level of Filthiness

This eliminates rough textures with zippers or buttons from scrapping away printed design. For example, washing a pair of jeans with a soft printed t-shirt will wear the design down significantly.

Step 2: Turn Printed T-Shirts Inside Out

Any sort of friction against apparel is bad for longevity. Even if you have all your clothes sorted out.

Always turn your custom printed t-shirts inside out before washing them. This way, you minimize the impact against the design and fabric of the t-shirt. Ultimately helping you protect the artwork from the wear and tear of a washing machine.

Turning your shirts inside out also allows for a cleaner wash. Since the inside is where all the dirt and sweat gathers most.

Step 3: Regulate The Detergent You Use

Do not overdo the laundry detergent. This causes chemicals to gradually wear away at your clothes. Not to mention it can actually make your clothes smell worse.

Wash Your Clothes The Right Way

Our guideline has helped you sort your clothes properly before washing. Now the most important things to remember are:

Machine Wash with Cold Water

Hot water wears out your clothing a lot faster. There really is no reason to wash your clothes using hot water even if the tag says to. Purchase detergent specifically made for cold water washing. This ensures peak cleanliness no matter what temperature you use.

Wash On A Gentle Setting

Majority of clothes do not need the highest washer setting in order to achieve the best clean. High-intensity washer settings can significantly break down the fabrics and designs quickly.

The Correct Way To Dry

Many of us believe that the best method is to take your freshly washed clothes and toss them into the dryer on the highest heat setting. However, this is one of the worst things you can do for the longevity of your clothes.

Use Low-Temperature Settings

Using high heat to dry your clothes damages the custom printed designs as well as the overall quality of the apparel. This causes:

  • Cracking
  • Fading
  • Shrinking
  • Fabric Damage

Using high heat also intensifies odor. It causes the soap and odor to stick to the shirt more than it washes away. Leaving it to reappear once the shirt gets dirty or wet again.

Use Air Drying

Although it is not the most convenient solution, air drying is the optimal drying option for several reasons. It eliminates the damages caused by rough tumbling and heat from machine drying.

Air drying also saves you a great deal on your electric bill and overall energy consumption.

Now that you are an expert at washing your custom printed t-shirts, how about creating some fresh ones? At T-Formation, our team of professionals can create the design you want on as many t-shirts as you like. For the highest quality apparel and designs for any event, Contact us at (800) 223-7919 to begin creating the wardrobe you have always wanted.   

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