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Apparel Finishes That Takes Your Brand To The Next Level

With the custom apparel industry growing and evolving every day, it is harder for businesses to distinguish their brand. However, with T-Formation’s apparel finishes, the benefits to your business’s brand are exactly what it needs to stand out. Our custom finishes go beyond just the quality of screen printing. If you want your business brand to stand out, then custom apparel finishes are your solution.

Custom Apparel Finishes For Your Brand

Creating a brand new tag on your shirt is an excellent way to promote a business’s brand. Imagine including your logo on every tag knowing that everyone will check to see the size. Customizing the tag allows everyone to see your logo and details about your business in a unique and effective way.

Every piece of clothing comes with a tag already printed and it is usually on the back of the neck. The tag’s purpose is to provide the wearer with all the relevant information they need to know about the garment. But imagine replacing all that with your company’s logo, brand, and info. Easily expand the exposure your business gets with a simple solution.

Hang Tagging

When you add hang tagging to your custom apparel, it gives your garment a professional look that is ready for retail. All you need to provide the info for the hang tagging and where you want to place it. We handle the rest.  

Hang Tags allows you to include more information about your business’s brand. These little tabs of text allow you to include more information about your business’s brand. You could add a logo or mission statement right on the inside of the garment. It is especially beneficial for retailers or businesses to keep growing. The more the logo spreads, the bigger the brand awareness.


Need your custom designed apparel to stand out from the competition?  Then polybagging is your go-to solution. Using plastic wrapping in order to protect your products and designs from any damage. It presents your garments in a professional and clean manner that shows you care about your business.

Retail SKU

If you are using any sort of inventory management software or merchant web hosting, then our Retail SKU is an excellent addition. This allows you to easily organize and identify each product by a specific item number.

At T-Formation, our team of expert professionals ensures you are happy with your custom designed apparel. We offer custom screen printing services that produce high-quality garments with cutting edge features like hang tagging and polybagging. For more information, Contact us at (800) 223-7919 to begin creating the wardrobe you have always wanted.  

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