T Formation Ordering T Shirts In Bulk

What Is Bulk T-Shirt Printing? And Is It For You?

Have you been looking for ways to save money on your apparel but somehow still look fashionable for any season? One of the newest and easiest ways to save money has been ordering custom t-shirts in bulk. Especially if you need them for your business event or for a special occasion.

The benefits you get from ordering your t-shirts in bulk are numerous, to say the least. When Ordering t-shirts in bulk with T-Formation, you get an immediate discount on your order. This way, you save yourself and also your company a lot of money over time.

Another benefit to ordering your t-shirts in bulk is the comfort of knowing you will always have a variety of t-shirts when you need. Especially if you have new employees, you will always have a supply of company t-shirts ready.

Who Benefits From Ordering T-Shirts in Bulk?

So many incredible organizations order t-shirts in bulk for special events like fundraisers. Some of those organizations include:


Many businesses decide to order t-shirts in bulk so they can advertise for their business in a unique and effective way. It is a smart tactic to get employees to promote the business, brand, or product. Businesses will also take advantage to sell them at fundraisers or conferences.


Many schools order custom t-shirts in bulk for various fundraisers, drama groups, sporting events, and also field trips. Students get to participate in a creative way that shows support for their school with a special custom t-shirt.

Sport Teams

Sports teams benefit greatly from ordering t-shirts in bulk. Whether to show a unified team or for fans to represent their hometown heroes.  

High Quality When Ordering in Bulk

Just because ordering t-shirts in bulk from T-Formation saves you money, does not mean it sacrifices quality. For over 30 years we have provided the highest quality for all of our bulk purchase orders.

Reasons To Order in Bulk

Brand Recognition

Having employees or strangers walking around town wearing your business logos is the best way to advertise your brand. It is essentially free advertising that spreads easily.

Community Events

From charity runs to social events, having everyone wear the same t-shirt creates a sense of community. Therefore, the more t-shirts you order, the cheaper the cost becomes.

Sell Your Custom Design

Do you have a custom design or logo you wish to sell? Having your design printed on a bulk order of t-shirts allows you to sell your design locally and online.

Sponsored Events

Distributing a bulk order of customized t-shirts for a sponsored event is a sure way to get your brand more widely recognized. From trade shows to the local farmer’s market. Even if you give the t-shirt away for free, they will have your design or brand for years to come. It is a long term way to continuously spread your business.

Whether you are an artist or a business owner, ordering custom t-shirts in bulk provides you with the best value. With T-Formation, you get the highest quality level of work with the quickest turnaround. When you are ready to bring people together with your brand or custom design, contact us today at (800) 223-7919.

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