T Formation Custom T Shirt Packaging

Ordering T-Shirts For Fundraising Events

An easily recognizable tool for raising awareness about a cause is through custom T-Shirt packaging. Creating T-Shirts for fundraising events is an affordable option for anyone. It allows you to creatively raise money and share the story you wish to spread. With T-Formation, the inspiration for your event is established in the order you place.

Why Use T-Shirts As A Promotion Platform

The purpose of a fundraising event is to unite a community through creativity and caring. At T-Formation, we provide the tools needed to create a custom T-Shirt that everyone will love and remember. No matter what design you choose to create, our studio will easily make it.

We create the most comfortable T-Shirts using the most advanced screening printing software. T-Formation is always striving for excellence in personalized apparel. We have years of ensuring the highest-quality from start to finish.  Our T-Shirts give your fundraising event the extra power to get conversations started and bring passionate people together.

The Hope That Comes Through Hardships

Life can truly bring on the most difficult of times in many different ways. Taking the kindness and love people have for one another and creatively express it through a T-Shirt can speak volumes. Customizing T-Shirts with T-Formation connects everyone. Our T-Shirts become a uniform that represents a physical message of strength and love that never fades.

Creatively Connect A Community

T-Formation firmly believes that when a community comes together, people are able to grow and overcome challenges. We are meticulous with our Custom T-Shirt Packaging. We focus on understanding every aspect of the message you wish to convey and deliver that message in a way the community will never forget.

Customizes your T-Shirts for your many charitable fundraisers help us build a better future together. When a community comes together they create a message we capture through our design that echoes for years to come.

T-Formation brings people together through the power of a simple T-Shirt. Over thirty years of providing the tools to creatively deliver a message through personal design. Your message will help connect communities together to bring awareness to a cause.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-223-7919. We handle every aspect of your order with the professionalism and expertise you deserve.