T Formation Custom T Shirts Discharge Screen Printing

What Is Discharge Screen Printing And How Does It Work?

In the world of Custom T-Shirt Printing, using discharge ink transforms your apparel into the softest, most vibrant garment. For this reason alone, the amount of custom t-shirt orders made using Discharge Ink has become viral. With T-Formation’s screen printing, you get the highest quality apparel with the softest feel imaginable.

How Does Discharge Screen Printing Work?

T-Formation uses discharge inks that extract the original dye from your garment. This process is done without having to ever add an additional layer of ink. Perfecting this extraction process makes the garment feel ultra soft with a print design that blends into the fabric. The benefits you get from discharge printing includes the following:

  • Original Dye Extraction
  • No Feeling Of Print On Garment
  • Variety of Color Choices
  • Best Screen Printing option For Dark Garments

Why Should I Use Discharge Ink?

Our discharge inks love garments that are 100% cotton. With T-Formation your custom design will never crack. The design will maintain its integrity even if the shirt is reduced to rags.

Every custom t-shirt you order through T-Formation is the softest printed garment you ever felt. There is no texture to the ink we use. The feeling of printed ink on your garment disappears entirely. High-quality attention to detail like this leaves your garment feeling so soft you would think the garment is blank.

A one color discharge print is cheaper than an ordinary two color regular print.

What Are The Advantages of Discharge Ink?

Discharge screen printing utilizes a water-based ink that has an added activator. This activator allows your shirt to be dyed back to its natural bare state. Without the use of a discharge ink, waterbased inks would seep into the fibers of the fabric that are already dyed.

The advantages of discharge screen printing includes:

  • Softest Prints
    • The ink penetrates the fibers instead of being layered on top
  • Vintage Screen Printing
    • Safe for Vintage clothing causing no damage to the material
  • Print Over Zippers & Seams
    • The thinness of the ink allows it to easily seep into thick seems without bleeding
  • Eco-Friendly
    • The ink contains no harmful or toxic substance

Incredibly soft texture is just one of the many benefits you get with T-Formation’s discharge screen printing. Our ink is tailored for your cotton shirts as well as darker colored shirts. With over 30 years of experience, we perfected each step in order to provide you with the highest quality custom t-shirts at a cost cheaper than a bundle of regular t-shirts. If you are ready to have your own custom designs on your own custom t-shirts, contact us at (800)-223-7919.