T Shirt Printing Service

Modern T-Shirt Design Ideas

For the past three decades, T-Formation has earned the reputation as one of the most trusted screen printed service and apparel decorators in the nation. Our printers are intricately crafted to handle even the most unique design requests. With decades of experience in screen printing service, T-Formation can make any Simple T-Shirt Design Ideas come to life. We use only the best state of the art equipment to deliver the highest quality custom decorated t-shirts.

Best Custom Apparel in Florida

Over 100 years of combined apparel industry experience. We provide the best possible screen printing service with the highest quality options including:

  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation
  • Pad Print
  • High Color Count Printing
  • Vintage Distressed
  • Simulated Process Color


Combining screen printing with embroidery to create an incredible visual effect. This elevates your printed apparel to the next level of personalization. Embroider your t-shirts, hats, jackets, and even bags. No job is too complex for our skilled operators.


One of the most unique design methods is dye sublimation. This process utilizes special inks being run through blank garments to dye the fabric with the image. This is done under extreme heat and pressure in order to solidify the image into the fabric.

Pad Print

T-Formation provides you with the option of in-house pad printing. This gives you the option to get tagless tees custom printed with your own branded labels.

High Color Count Screen Printing

This design option creates an image on your apparel by pressing ink through a series of screens. Our team of expert graphic designers and printers have honed this process to photo-realistic quality.

Vintage Distressed

This printing technique takes a brand new t-shirt and makes it look and feel like your favorite shirt you’ve worn for years. Our vintage distressed design creates a soft hand feel along with a worn and washed look.

Simulated Process Color

At T-Formation, our greatest strength is creating artwork separations. Our print is so realistic, you could grab them right off your t-shirt. This technique uses spot color inks and separations to achieve photorealistic images on your apparel.

You can depend on T-Formation to deliver the best custom decorated apparel in all of Florida. If you find yourself constantly searching for t-shirt printing near me, then look no further. We have been proving the highest quality t-shirts at the highest volume a screen printing service can do. Call us today at 1 (800) 223-9191 and start designing the apparel way you want.