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How To Brand Your Business With T-Formation

We at T-Formation know the importance of establishing a business’s identity. The brand image is an essential part of the growth of your business. One of the best ways to establish a brand is with our custom printing services. T-Formation can take any piece of clothing and create a professional advertising opportunity. Your brand image can also be placed on any corporate t-shirts or apparel providing even more advertisement opportunity.

Branding Increases Loyalty and Return Customers

Every business should brand their business in order for their customers to always remember where they got their best product. That branded image or logo creates a sense of loyalty to that business since they are already used to wearing clothing with that brand logo on it. This also serves as walking billboards to promote the product to others. A good brand image will be clear and vivid. T-Formation provides vivid t-shirt images using sublimation, simulated process coloring, and other techniques that create a photorealistic image.

T-Formation makes any brand image stick out from the competition. T-Formation offers custom embroidery for corporate t-shirts using skilled operators. This process makes any logo come to life on the surface of any apparel. The combination of our custom screen printing and sewing machines will create a product that our clients and their customers will love.

Full Package Services For Associating Quality with Your Brand

Branding a business with custom embroidered shirts is an effective method of identification. A business with changing markets will need to react to those markets quickly. Our speed to market process combines efficient workflow with flexible transportation access. Product deliveries are faster than modern standards. The average time for printing and shipping an order is around 5 to 10 business days. We achieve this by utilizing the highest efficiency automatic printing presses. Also, day and night shifts are implemented to finish the product as soon as possible. We take advantage of our central location in Tallahassee to ship to many places in the Southeast within one or two days. We also offer one-day freight shipping to any of the ports in Florida and in Charleston. Rush service is available if possible.

Any business looking to grow their brand can find reliable benefits from the custom printing services of T-Formation. We also package, label, tag, and ship the product so that none of the efforts is shouldered by our clients. Call us now for a quote at 800-223-7919.