Hang Tag

Get More Than Just a T-Shirt With Full Package T-Shirt Printing Services

T-Formation’s full package t-shirt printing services provide more than just t-shirt printing. We have the capabilities to design, print and ship no matter the quantity or destination. No other t-shirt printing services come close to our design techniques and quality management. We have over 30 years of the highest quality and volume t-shirt fulfillment service in all of Florida. Every aspect of every order is completed to ensure the best customer experience.

Variety of Screen Printing Techniques

T-formation offers the most innovative t-shirt printing services in all of South Florida. Our options include:

  • Dye Sublimation: Turns water-based inks into a gas to stain t-shirts for a durable graphics
  • Pad Printing: Transfers two-dimensional images onto a three-dimensional object.
  • Discharge Printing: Removes dye from garment instead of using ink on top of a shirt
  • Vintage Distressed: Gives T-shirts an aged look with a clean design

Post Production Fulfillment

From the design to the packing and shipping, you can relax knowing that T-Formation does all of the work for you. Every step taken ensures your t-shirt printing services are top quality and convenient. Our full package comes with:

  • Quality Design: Design the t-shirt using our vivid imaging technology which is printed on our automatic printers.
  • Hang Tagging:  The real professional look comes from hang tagging which is an addition of a tag on a string of some appropriate material. The tag can include branding and other relevant information such as size and washing instructions.
  • Polybagging: This packages and folds the shirts for organization and space conservation.

Quality Management Software

Data management is another service that comes with our full package t-shirt printing service. This fully integrated software keeps the process organized and helps to inform everyone throughout the entire process.  Activities like inventory, tracking and invoicing provide extra details to the customer so they can feel included and aware of their order’s progress.

At T-Formation, we offer customized full package t-shirt printing services to better accommodate our client’s t-shirt printing needs. Call T-Formation today to enjoy our complete services for your order at 1(800) 223-7919.