Simulated Process

The Best Equipment for T-Shirt Printing

Creating apparel for events or commercial clothing brands requires efficient bulk t-shirt printing to meet the demands of schedules and large quantities. T-Formation has the best t-shirt printing machine for managing any size or quality of t-shirt order. From the contrast in color to the logistics and organization, our state-of-the-art equipment will make the t-shirt printing process simple.

Making the Best Shirts Requires the Best Equipment

Designers will want to use a direct imaging T-shirt printing machine which will help to print the image on to the shirt rather than from the screen to the film and then to the shirt. This makes a much more direct and vivid application. Higher quality images come from these types of methods. Simulated process coloring separates colors using different tones to create more contrast between layers. This creates photo-realistic images for designs that look like they come out of the shirt.

Thousands of shirts are potentially printed with automatic presses. T-Formation has day and night shifts to constantly work the machines to meet even the strictest deadlines. This is especially important for making event-specific shirts. Speed and efficiency are necessary for the best bulk T-shirt printing services.

Bulk T-Shirt Printing Requires Other Services For Efficiency

The service of bulk t-shirt printing does not only involve actually making the t-shirts. The distribution and organization of the shirts will also be required to make the process efficient. There will be different sizes and colors of shirts that need to be shipped to the retail seller. T-Formation has a wider range of options than just t-shirt printing. We also have machines for hang tagging, which places a removable tag on the shirt which has branding and necessary information such as size or washing instructions. Bagging machines will also neatly fold and package these shirts so they can be ready to put on display immediately.

The bulk T-shirt printing service from T-Formation grants the benefits of our t-shirt printing machines as well as our reliable logistics service. We can ship to thousands of locations to accommodate any online stores who want to cut out the middleman. Call us now to start designing, printing, or shipping the best t-shirt products at 1(800) 223-7919.