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What Is Tagless T-Shirt Printing?

The T-shirt printing industry has made many advancements when it comes to convenience and quality. One of the best improvements is the introduction of tagless t-shirt printing. We all know the itchy, uncomfortable feeling of a tag on the back of our necks. Along with custom high-quality T-shirt printing, T-formation provides tagless t-shirts. We strive to provide comfort, convenience, and efficiency by offering bulk tagless t-shirt printing packages.

Why T-Shirts Have Tags

T-shirt tags provide information regarding where an item of clothing was made and the percentage of each type of material that was used. They also give instructions on how to clean the material. Tags first became used by labor unions as a way to highlight product quality.

Now there are laws in place requiring clothing companies to clearly identify the material of their product, such as 100% wool or cotton. Tags also provide the opportunity to feature their logo in a visible space. Tagless t-shirt printing is a way to bypass the clunky tag while also providing all the necessary information.

Tagless T-Shirts Printing At Our Facilities

Pad printing is the method in which tagless t-shirts are made possible. To perform this, first, an ink must be created and placed inside a template. The press printer quickly transfers the shape of the ink template to the t-shirt like a stamp. Tagless prints are only visible from the inside because the ink is thinly applied. There is barely any evidence from the outside, and the inside has a subtle text for providing any instructions for cleaning or material facts.

T-Formation is a shirt printing company based in Midway, Florida with all of the best technology in t-shirt printing. Our facilities allow for many convenient additions to the product to create a full-package shirt service. Whether it is hang tagging, embroidery, packaging, tagless tees, or logistics, T-Formation has everything a clothing business needs to sell their product as efficiently as possible. Having a tagless t-shirt is comfortable and eliminates the potential damaging of the clothing when trying to remove the label manually. Call us at 800-223-7919 to get a quote on the best t-shirt printing services.