T Shirt Design

Custom T-Shirt Design For Realistic Images

Custom t-shirt design allows printed images to come to life. This level of detail is available because of the newest technology in the t-shirt printing industry. T-shirt printing machines have made tremendous advancements in order to provide vivid images. At T-Formation, our state-of-the-art printing machines provide intricate and detailed custom printed t-shirts.

More Color Options for More Realistic Details

Most screen printing projects require only four basic colors to depict a wide array of images properly. Those colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. At T-Formation, we use a nine color configuration to provide the best representation of an image that exists in reality. A high color count is necessary for getting the best detail for your custom t-shirt designs. The complexity of colors gives depth making objects look more realistic.

Simulated Process Color and Dye Sublimation

The level of realistic detail on a custom t-shirt design is achieved through a simulated process. This technique separates the inks and uses halftones to achieve photo-realistic images. Dye sublimation is another way to stand out from the competition. This technique uses special inks under extreme heat and pressure at roughly 400 degrees. These inks permanently dye the fabrics with the image to keep their colors fresh and vivid for longer despite washing and fading.

The t-shirt printing professionals at T-Formation strive to provide the absolute best-designed products. We offer custom t-shirt design to make your vision a reality. We offer full-package services including pad printing, hang tagging and poly bagging. If you are wanting the most vivid and realistic custom t-shirt design then call one of our full-package specialists at 800-223-7919 to get a free quote.