Custom T Shirts

The Importance Of A High Color Count T-Shirt

One of the latest technologies in T-Shirt Color Combinations Screen Print is high color count printing. This type
of printing method is best suited for custom t-shirts because it enables graphics to stick out. T-Formation is a leading innovator in the t-shirt design and screen printing industry. We offer high-
quality printing and design services.

As technology continues to improve the printing process, designs are looking more realistic.
Many improvements have been made in how vivid the colors are due to the increase in
the complexity of colors.

Raising Color Count

There are four basic colors used in screen printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These
colors are overlapped and shaded in varying amounts to create thousands of different tones.
This process creates enough contrast for photorealistic images. The possibilities of detail and
contrast increase exponentially with each color added.

While the four-color process is great for t-shirts with a light background, some shirt styles come
with the option of using different color backgrounds. Dark colored backgrounds can change how
a design looks and will require the whole color scheme to change. High color count screen
printing helps to enhance the detail on custom t-shirts.

Advanced Technology

Having such advanced machinery and potential for colors allows many different designs to be
made at the same time. Using a four color process and having to swap the colors to match the
material will slow down production. High color count screen printing will allow one piece of
machinery to be versatile enough to get any job done.

One of the techniques included in the T-Formation shirt printing process includes sublimation.
This method heats the ink into the material so that it permanently fuses with the t-shirt. This
prevents the colors from fading and bleeding onto the shirt. The more vivid the shirt design, the
more likely it will stand out in a crowd. This is extremely effective for advertising a business or

T-Formation is an established t-shirt printing company with decades of experience in the
logistics and printing process involved with custom clothing. With our highly skilled graphic
designers and advanced printing technology, we’re able to create the highest quality product for
all of our clients. With three 18-color presses, five 14-color presses, and one 12-color press,
there are many resources available for getting the right product for our customers at a
reasonable price. Call us today at 1-(800)-223-7919 to discuss your design and get a free