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What Is Discharge Printing On T Shirts

T-Formation is the number one company for a t-shirt design, and custom t-shirt printing. We first began our business in 1987 in a small shop in Tallahassee, Florida. T-Formation strives to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our team has decades of experience in the custom decorated apparel industry and have a proven track record of success with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. Discharge printing is one of our many excellent services that T Formation provides. In order for a customer to be better informed about the discharging printing process, they should understand its advantages, benefits and the type of fabrics that are best.

What Is Discharge Printing On T-Shirts

  • What is Discharge Printing
  • Benefits
  • Fabrics
  • Disadvantages

What is Discharge Printing

Discharge printing is the process of applying a design to a dyed fabric by printing a color-destroying agent such as chlorine or hydrosulfite. This will bleach out a white or light pattern on a darker color ground. Rather than using normal ink, a discharge ink is used to remove the shirts dye instead of putting color on top of the shirt. This process is similar to bleaching a design, except it doesn’t damage the fibers as bleaching would. Discharge printing results in an extremely soft print and shows the weave of the shirt.


The discharge printing process has many benefits. The print is quite soft which makes the shirt quite comfortable and less irritating to the skin. Discharge printing can be placed in the washing machine and is long lasting. T-Formation uses delicate colors and intricate patterns which is a great benefit of this process. Therefore, we can customize any t-shirt with any design which will personalize the t-shirt.


The best type of fabric to use for discharge printing is knit or woven fabrics. During the discharge printing process, fiber content matters more than knit versus woven. Natural fibers will begin to discharge, as synthetic fibers will not. If a shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester the cotton threads will discharge while the polyester threads will not. Another important factor in choosing the fabric is the color. A dark-colored fabric will show the discharge effect more clearly.


There are some disadvantages to this t-shirt discharging process. Various styles may be better suited than others and only works well on natural fibers. Colors such as royal blue and other dark colors do not work well for this process. The discharge process is not environmentally friendly which may be an issue. While there have been efforts to develop eco-friendly inks and screens the process wastes a lot of water. Water is used to mix up inks and clean the tools which can begin to make a negative impact.

T-Formation is the best choice for t-shirt design and custom t-shirt printing. We have been in business for 31 years and have a professional and qualified team to perform the discharge printing t-shirt design. Call today at (800) 223-7919 to receive a quote on our discharge printing services!