What Are Sublimation T-Shirts?

With many different options for T-Shirt Design Online, it can be hard for someone to figure out which one is the right choice. One of the most popular forms of t-shirt printing is sublimation. Sublimation printing was originally used for printing on plastic items.

Sublimation is a flexible digital printing method where sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specific printer. Once that first step is completed, the dyes are transferred from the medium to the object or piece of clothing under heat and pressure from the heat press. People should know that sublimation is only successful on clothing made of polyester. When the heat press applies heat and pressure, the dye becomes a gas and absorbs into the polyester fabric.

Many people choose the sublimation process due to the fact that the print becomes a part of the clothing. This means it does not fade, have any texture, or cause any wear. Here are the benefits of sublimation printing for t-shirts.


As we stated above, there will be no cracking or peeling. The print becomes a part of the clothing so it will last as long as the actual piece of clothing does.

The Ability for Small Orders

Since the sublimation process is small and doesn’t require a ton of work, there will be a less need for minimum order requirement. We will more likely be able to accommodate a customer’s need for a smaller order.

More Customization

Unlike other t-shirt printing methods, each piece of clothing is printed from its own transfer rather than multiple screens. This means we can create more individual customization for each print.

Light Prints

With the sublimation process, the dye becomes a part of the garment. This also means that the print doesn’t add any weight to the piece of clothing.


Unlike other printing options, there is no need for multiple screens or films. The process of sublimation printing is very simple and will prove to customers to be overall less expensive.

If customers are looking for a small number of full-color pieces of clothing, then sublimation is the best choice. Sublimation printing works best on light-colored polyester clothing. Whether sublimation is for you or not, we have everything you need when it comes to custom t-shirt printing. Contact T-Formation today at 1-800-223-7919 for a free quote!