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The Applications of High Color Count Printing

Our bodies are often used as a medium of expression and with advances in the process of custom t-shirt printing, these convenient clothing articles are becoming more expressive. Modern t-shirts are becoming so realistically vivid that someone can wear a shirt with a design of a life-sized bottle of liquor and appear to be holding one when they raise their hand. This level of detail is available because of many alterations in the process, but the improvements in how vivid the colors are have been due to the increase in complexity of colors used.

Color Combinations

Screen printing usually requires only four colors to make a design. These colors are overlapped and shaded in varying amounts to create thousands of different tones. This is usually good enough for creating photorealistic images in most cases. The basic colors used in the four-color process are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Using nine colors instead will allow for multitudes more levels of detail and contrast for a shirt that needs to look spectacular. High color count screen printing is necessary for getting the best detail on custom t-shirts with different colors. The four-color process is great for t-shirts with a light or grey background material, but the color of the design will be affected by more dark colored materials.


The number of combinations of colors is heavily skewed in the direction of colors that match the material of the shirt. A higher color count print will add more colors to the palette, allowing more detail to a limiting background. This is also important for t-shirt designs offered in multiple colors of material. More potential colors are available so the design can look the same on any color material. The added potential for detail also allows the same machinery to be used for shirts with the same design. Using a four color process and then having to swap the colors to match the material will slow down production. High color count screen printing will allow one piece of machinery to be versatile enough to get any job done.

Custom t-shirts are great for advertising any business. High color count shirts are that much more effective at advertising. They will stand out and attract viewers to pay attention to the shirt instead of another shirt or piece of scenery.

T-Formation is constantly pressing the boundaries of the old process of screen printing. our team of graphic designers and printers have honed this skill to photo-realistic reproduction quality. With three 18-color presses, five 14-color presses,  and one 12-color press, there are many resources available for getting the right product for our customers at a reasonable price. Call 1 (800) 223-7919  to receive a quote on high-quality color printed shirts.