Retail Ready Shirt

What Is Retail Shirt Printing

Retail clothing stores looking to further their brand will want to optimize their process with retail-ready printing for t-shirts and other clothing. This is done by sending the original product before the design of the shirt has been finished to a printing company like T-Formation. From there, we add any ink designs, branding, or extra services to make the product look professional. Here are some of the services included in the full package of retail-ready t-shirt printing.

  • Printing
  • Tag Prints
  • Embroidery
  • Bagging And Hang Tags


Screen printing is not a new method for fabric designers, but the process has advanced in technology allowing for higher quality products that will show off true professionalism. Photo-realistic designs are possible with the very quick and very hot process of sublimation which fuses the specially formulated ink permanently with the fabric. The result is a durable product that won’t fade.

Tag Prints

No one wants to wear a shirt with a tag on the neck. Printed tags remove the need for a tag completely. Custom screen-printed tags are a great way to distinguish a brand from others, disguise the manufacturer of the shirt, and give the apparel a high-end look. Our discharging method of printing removes ink from the surface of the product instead of leaving a layer of ink raised over the surface. There will be no tangible evidence of a tag while also keeping all the federally required tag information visible. On lighter garments, grey inks help to keep the tag subtle from the outside.


Adding a woven label or design to the inside neck, bottom hem, or sleeve hem adds a level of class that not only others see but the customers will feel. It truly helps elevate the brand above the others. A combination of embroidery with screen printing can create many vivid t-shirt designs.

Bagging and Hang Tags

A clean and organized look is essential for making the product look as appealing as it can and uniform throughout multiple stores. After we fold and bag the product, a sizing sticker is added to the bag. It should be ready to sell the minute it arrives.

Hang tags are external canvases that provide extra opportunities to advertise and get the image of the logo out to the public. Even if someone doesn’t purchase the product then and there, they can see a website or phone number to purchase something they like later. This is a cheap way to get a high-end retail appearance.

For any brand ready to improve their image, T-Formation has the expertise to get any product from t-shirts to accessories to the retail-ready state. Call now at 1 (800) 223-7919 or visit T-Formation to receive a quote for the full package t-shirt printing service.