Event T Shirts

How to Design the Perfect T-Shirt for Your Event

When you are planning an upcoming event that calls for custom decorated t-shirts, sourcing cheap t-shirts that are also the right quality is the first priority. However, there is a lot more that goes into designing the perfect t-shirt for your upcoming event. From the intent of the shirt to preparing the artwork, there is a lot of consideration and effort needed to create a shirt that everyone will love. One wrong step can have detrimental effects on the final product. Here are the factors to consider for designing an event t-shirt:

Consider the Intent of The T-Shirt

Before you even start designing, consider the purpose of the shirt. The 5 W’s are important for designing a shirt that will have an impact and will be worn by people years after the event has passed. Before you start designing, answer these questions regarding the intent of the t-shirt and its design:

  • Who will be attending the event and wearing the t-shirt?
  • What do you want the design on the shirt to represent?
  • When will the t-shirts be distributed?
  • Where is the event being held and is there meaning that can be incorporated into the design?
  • Why would someone want to wear the shirt again?

Designing for T-Shirts

When you actually start designing the graphic that will be printed on a t-shirt for your event, you will want to start with the t-shirt color. Is there a predetermined color that the shirts will be or can you choose the color after the fact? The color of the shirt is important so that the design does not get lost in the shirt. Instead, the t-shirt color should complement and add to the design.

Remember that you are designing for a t-shirt that will actually be worn by participants. The design does not just have to look good on the mock-up, but it actually has to look right on a t-shirt being worn. Make sure no elements are placed in a way that would be inappropriate and that important elements do not wrap around and get covered by people’s arms. Also, any words on the shirt should be large enough that if the graphic is shrunk for a kids shirt, they can still be read.

Preparing Your Artwork

Before exporting any graphics for your t-shirt supplier, there are a few steps that are needed to prepare the artwork for best results. If you do not follow these steps, your printer will either come back to you for a revised graphic, or the shirts may not come out right. First off, make sure to use the proper color codes for apparel printing. As opposed to creating graphics for digital use, it is best to use Pantone colors for designs on printed apparel. Convert all of your text to outlines to avoid any accidental substitutions occurring. Design all art at actual size and as vectors where possible. This will avoid the potential of blurry or pixelated printing in the designs. If you are not an experienced graphic designer, then you may want to consult or flat out hire an experienced designer for your event t-shirt vision.

Choosing a Trusted T-Shirt Printer

When you are looking to hire a Local T-Shirt Printing Company for beautifully designed event t-shirts, consider the types of printing offered. T-Formation offers a variety of printing methods including screen printing, dye sublimation, pad printing, and discharge printing. We will work closely with our clients to ensure that the custom decorated t-shirts we produce are everything you imagine for the design. To get a free quote on cheap t-shirts that are great quality, contact T-Formation.