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All About T-Shirts For Corporate Wear

Corporate wear is an easy way to build a sense of pride and brand loyalty for a company of any size or industry. Whether the apparel is for your employees, customers, fans, or all of the above, it is a fun way to engage your community. There are many uses, methods, and benefits of creative custom corporate apparel. Make sure to hire the best apparel printer for all of your Corporate T-Shirt Design needs.

Uses for Corporate Wear

Corporate wear is great for a variety of uses. Even if you do not make it mandatory, providing branded t-shirts, polo, or button downs usually goes over well with employees. You will likely see employees wearing them regularly, which looks great to clients when they come into the office. Having branded company shirts to wear brings a sense of pride among employees and that shines through to the customers.

Custom shirts for company events or company milestones such as anniversaries are another great way to build pride in big company achievements. Again, employees will be honored to show off the positive aspects of their company. Also, a company with employees wearing these type of custom designed corporate wear acts an ideal conversation starter with visiting clients.

Aside from being worn by employees, corporate t-shirts make a great gift for new clients or potential clients. They will appreciate the gesture and will feel more like they are an extension of your company. Who doesn’t love a free gift, especially from a company that gets a great deal of their business?

If you are not for handing out free merchandise, or you are looking for a way to bring in extra revenue, consider selling your corporate merchandise. If your company is large, or if it one day grows into a large household-name company, branded t-shirts could become collectible pieces. Coca-Cola probably had no idea how large they would one day become and today their merchandise is currently highly collectible.

Benefits Corporate Shirts

  • Builds pride among employees
  • Creates a sense of unity in the office
  • Shows clients that employees are happy to represent their company
  • Allows clients to feel a part of your companies community
  • Increases brand recognition and awareness
  • Acts as reusable mobile advertising

Types of Printing & Decorating Methods

There are multiple methods that any full-service t-shirt printer will offer for creating your custom corporate wear. Choosing the appropriate method depends on the budget, colors, and size of the design. Two common methods used for creating custom apparel are screen printing and embroidery.

  • Screen printing is a more cost-effective method of printing that can be used for small or large designs. Screen printing can limit the number of colors that can be used, but at T-Formation, we have high color count screen printers that greatly reduce the limitations on colors for screen printing.
  • Embroidery is another method for decorating t-shirts and it is ideal for creating long-lasting logos. Embroidery can be used for t-shirts, polos, and other types of apparel. Many companies choose embroidery because they like the way that it looks and the quality of embroidered logos.

Tips for Ordering Corporate Apparel

When it comes to ordering corporate wear, it is not always as simple as providing a logo and quantity. There are certain tips we can provide you to make sure you get the best value and highest quality. Here are a few factors to consider when placing your next corporate apparel order.
Take into account what the purpose of the shirts is.

  • Order men’s and women’s styled t-shirts.
  • Survey employees to decide how much of each size to order.
  • Hire a professional graphic designer.
  • Only work with the best apparel printers.

When it comes to ordering corporate wear, T-Formation is the best apparel printer to work with. With the high-tech machinery to print large quantities of high-quality corporate apparel, we can get you any order fast. Your employees, clients, and community will love the style and fit of the t-shirts we produce. To get a free quote today, simply complete our Get a Quote!