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Techniques Used for Custom Apparel Printing

Whether for family reunions to clothing companies, finding someone to print your Custom Apparel Printing is important to a significant amount of people. From high color count screen printing to embroidery, there are multiple techniques that t-shirt printers use to put your design on the shirt you want. Understanding the techniques used helps in creating the design and selecting the printing company you plan on working with. Here are some of the techniques we offer a T-Formation.

High Color Count Screen Printing

Typical screen printers only allow a few colors to be used, limiting the designs that can be produced with the machines. However, at T-Formation we have high color count screen printers for the ability to print realistic images with many colors. These screen printers bring to life intricate designs and create the most beautiful t-shirts. This is our most commonly requested type of t-shirt printing.


Commonly used to put logos on company polo shirts, embroidery is a durable way to brand clothing and accessories such as hats. Although complex designs that include elements such a shading may not work well with this technique, it is perfect for adding logos and important accents to your custom apparel. This technique uses an embroidery machine that stitches the pattern into each shirt with a needle and thread. Advanced embroidery machines like the ones used by us at T-Formation are run by a pattern you enter into a computer system, and the machine does the rest.


Sublimation uses high levels of heat and pressure to permanently dye fabric. The inks used are specially formulated for the process and are applied via a carrier sheet. This process works best on a white based shirt and can be used to print images or patterns. Sublimation is a common method used for printing custom decorated apparel.

Pad Printing

Exactly what it sounds like, pad printing uses a large silicone pad that stamps a pattern into the t-shirt. This method of printing is preferred for more intricate designs because it creates better details. The ability to create small details makes this printing method idea for putting tags right on the t-shirts. Many people cut tags off their shirts because they are irritating or they always pop out of the shirt. With pad printed tags, the information is right on the garment material, eliminating irritation and keeping the garment details in place.

Discharge Printing

If you are searching for a t-shirt printing method that gives the same visual effect as screen printing but keeps the shirt feeling super soft, then you may want to request discharge printing. This process works by removing dye from the garment instead of adding and it is perfect for a variety of applications. We are proud to offer this printing method for our clients that simply cannot get enough of t-shirts that are supremely soft.

T Formations is proud to offer a variety of printing and custom apparel decorating techniques to each customer. In addition to the methods discussed in this article, we also offer vintage distressed printing and simulated process printing. If you are unsure which method would be best for creating your custom decorated apparel, give us a call and talk with one of our experienced representatives. With many years of experience and industrial grade equipment such as our high color count screen printers, we can make anything happen! Call now to discuss printing methods and get a quote on putting your design on t-shirts. (800) 223-7919


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