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Why Order Bulk Custom T-Shirts?

Bulk T-Shirt Printing orders are a common request for us at T-Formation. However, we know there are companies and organizations throughout the nation that would greatly benefit from ordering custom t-shirts, but don’t. We want every business, organization, and individual to experience the impact a custom printed t-shirt can have. That is why we are putting together a list of creative ways to use custom printed t-shirts and really benefit from them.

Leave a Lasting Impression & Close Sales

Bulk custom t-shirt orders are not just for construction companies to identifies their workers. There is a variety of creative ways for each type of businesses to utilize custom t-shirts and even profit from it. Consider ordering a stock of creative shirts that showcase your company’s brand and give them to potential clients you are trying to woo. The client will appreciate the personal touch and have a token of your company to remind them of your meeting. When you order these shirts in bulk, they are inexpensive and this simple gift could bring your company a great deal more business.

Distribute T-shirts at a Sponsored Event

If you are planning a large event and you need sponsors, offer to put their logo on event t-shirts and hand them out to each participant. The potential sponsors will be enticed by the advertising and exposure opportunity, and participants will be excited to receive fun free shirts. Event participants often keep their shirts as a reminder that they were a part of that day, meaning those company logos stay in the participant’s wardrobe for years to come.

Get People in the Door

Offer a free t-shirt to the first 100 people who arrive at your event, grand opening, or market and watch the doors get flooded. Everyone loves a free t-shirt and it is a great way to get people through your doors. Even offering free shirts with a purchase of a certain amount can boost sales and make the cost of the shirts completely worth it. Order t-shirts in bulk for the best price.

Identify a Community

Whether for a March, a charity run, or a sporting event, t-shirts are a great way to identify a community of people with the same goal, mission, or beliefs. Some universities offer a specific t-shirt design to their students at a discounted price. This allows all of the students to wear the same shirt to sports games such as football and make the student section pop out from the crowd. Similarly, if half of the people attending a rally are wearing the same shirt, it is clear they are all defending the same cause or belief.

Drive Brand Awareness

Whether you hand them out for free or sell them, t-shirts featuring your sleek or flashy logo is an ideal way to increase brand awareness. Get customers, fans, employees, and anyone else wearing your shirt and everyone they encounter will see your logo. The more people that see your logo, the more they will think of it when they need your product or service. Or, when someone who has seen your logo before does an online search and your company comes up, they will be more likely to call you because the brand is familiar to them. Building brand awareness creates a sense of trust and confidence in your company.

Sell Your Design

As an artist, t-shirts are the perfect way for the world to enjoy your art. At T-Formation, we offer a variety of printing methods to create the look and feel you desire for your design. Order in bulk for a lower per-unit cost and either re-sell the shirts at a more affordable price or make a larger profit. From abstract designs to catchy sayings, millions of people buy graphic t-shirts for their wardrobe and they just might love one of yours.

As a business owner, manager, event planner, or artists, we can show you how to use t-shirts to leverage your bottom line. Order custom t-shirts in bulk for the best value and have confidence that you will receive the highest quality work and a quick turnaround when you order from T-Formation. Rush customers through your doors by offering a free shirt to the first visitors or woo a potential client and make them feel like a part of your company’s family by giving them a shirt with your company logo. Call T-Formation now to get a quote on your next bulk order for custom printed t-shirts.