T Shirt Decorating

Ordering Fast Custom Event T-Shirts

Ordering fast custom t-shirts to hand out to participants, is the perfect way to entice people to register for any event. We say “fast” because we understand how hectic event organizing can be. Whether a volunteer charity event or marathon run, getting t-shirts ordered is frequently pushed off until the last minute. There are multiple reasons why custom t-shirt orders get put off; a lot has to happen before the order can be placed, not every print company can meet short deadlines, and storing the shirts may not be possible.

Ordering Custom T-shirts for an Event

Before an order can be placed for custom t-shirts, both designs and quantities have to be figured out. Additionally, approvals may need to be made by board members, managers, etc. Here are all of the steps that need to be completed before placing your order:

  • Design graphic to be printed on the shirts
  • Get the graphic approved as needed
  • Get a head count of how many shirts to order
  • Determine how many of each size shirt to order
  • Get quotes for t-shirt printing
  • Figure out where you can store the shirts

Even if graphics are figured out early in the process, it is often difficult to get an approximate headcount until a week or two before the event date. At T-Formation, we understand this struggle.

Consequences of Misordering

If you do not wait until accurate numbers are collected for an event, then it is more likely you will order incorrectly. Too many shirts is a costly mistake that few organizations can afford. Too few shirts could end up with people being left without a shirt. Order the wrong amount of each size shirt and leave participants with a shirt whose fits is irritating and uncomfortable. These errors will leave participants upset, particularly if they paid to attend the event with the promise of a t-shirt. You could lose potential participants for future events. Don’t risk messing up your t-shirt order, work with t-Formation to fulfill your fast custom t-shirt order request.

How T-Formation Can Help

At T-Formation, our specialty is printing high quality and high quantity of fast custom t-shirts with our unique high volume screen printing machines. With these printers, we can get a large order completed and mailed to you in just 7 days! Our lead time gives you the ability to wait until accurate attendance numbers are collected along with shirt sizes and avoid a potential mess. We will even hold the order for you in our warehouse until you are ready and mail them out to any address you need. Contact T-Formation when you are ready to place a fast custom t-shirt order for your next event. Click Here for a Quote!