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Wholesale Printing Tips for T-Shirts

Business, non-profit organizations, schools, and many others often have to find wholesale printing services to order bulk t-shirts. The amount of t-shirt printing services that exist can make it confusing to decide who to order from. Additionally, when ordering printing for anything, it can be easy for the order to get messed up. When you are ordering in bulk, a messed up order can be costly for but the customer and the printing business. Here are some tips on choosing a wholesale printing service, and preparing the artwork for the order.

Don’t Always Go By Price – Cheaper printing companies do not always produce the worst quality prints, and the most expensive quotes will not always get you the best quality. Remember that there are many factors that go into determining a quote for any order. Consider other factors, like years in business, customer testimonials, order fulfillment time, and communication.

T-Shirt Quality – Some printing companies offer multiple brands of shirts to print on, whereas others have limited options. Ask about brand t-shirts that you know, like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. This is one way to make sure you don’t end up with shirts that are itchy or ill-fitted. You would never want to order hundreds of shirts only for them to be a low quality that nobody wants to wear.

Printing Techniques  – There are various printing techniques that allow for different looks, textures, and durability. For instance, if you are looking for polos that your employees will wear daily, you may choose embroidery over screen printing. However, if you are looking to place a wholesale printing order for a design that includes multiple colors, then you may need a company that has the equipment for high color-count screen printing.

Color Matching – Most printers use Pantone color guides for their printing. Always double check with your printer to be sure. Also, make sure to use these colors when designing your graphic.

Graphic Formatting – It is best practices to design graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and a .ai file will be best for the print company to work with. However, there are alternatives. The important this is to produce a high-quality vector image. This is the best way to make sure that your image does not print as a blurry, pixelated design.

Communicate with your Designer – If you are outsourcing your graphics, make sure the designer is aware of the purpose of the graphic. If they know they the graphic is going to be used for printing on t-shirts then they will use best practices for print graphics. If you plan on using your design for a mix of printed products and web design, then the designer should provide you with multiple files, for each purpose, and in multiple file types.

There obviously is a lot to think about when you are looking to have a bulk amount of t-shirts printed for any purpose. Not every print company has the capabilities to handle wholesale printing order, let along do it at a good cost and short timeframe. T-Formation has the capability to handle just about any order. We have a large facility that allows printing with a variety of techniques, at a fast pace and high quality. Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable staff are glad to answer all of your questions and work with you to make sure that your order is printed right the first time!