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How T-Formation Can Help You Start Your T-Shirt Business

If you have decided to start your own t-shirt business, then you are probably are looking for cheap custom t-shirts in bulk as well as fast service, and custom t-shirt drop shipping. There is a lot to think of when you start any business, but with T-Formation’s Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing, we have the expertise and experience to help you become a success.

A T-Shirt Business is More Than a Design

Naturally, to start a t-shirt business, you need a fun design or catchy phrase but you also need so much more. You cannot just hire any printing company and expect your design to come out exactly as you envisioned it. Of course, a company that can print cheap custom t-shirts is enticing, but you also want to ensure they care about all the factors that contribute to a well-printed shirt.  At T-Formation, we have both the experience and the technology to make sure your product comes out right the first time. Some print companies charge an arm and a leg for designs that use multiple colors, but our high color count screen printing machines allow us to create these custom t-shirt designs at a discounted price.

Tagging and Bagging Your T-Shirts

To give your business a professional appearance and get respect, it is important to tag your shirts. Luckily, at T-Formation, we can handle this step in the process for you. Don’t worry about purchasing a tagging gun and the strings or plastics. We have the capacity to handle tagging and bagging with all custom bulk t-shirt orders. That’s right, we will bag them as well! The process of bagging and tagging can take an individual hours upon hours. Your time is more valuable than that. Worry about creating your next design and let the t-shirt fulfillment professionals take care of this for you.

Drop Shipping Your T-Shirts

Once your t-shirts are printed, bagged and tagged they are ready to ship to a retailer or consumer that placed an order, how are you going to get them there? Depending on how many you order, you may need a large vehicle to transport the shirts. Also, this means taking the time out of your day to drive and pick them up. At T-Formation we can mail them to you! We will happily drop ship your cheap custom t-shirts anywhere in the world, to as many locations as you need!

Contact Us When You Need:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Purchasing Power
  3. Custom Decoration
  4. Value Added Services including pad printing, hang tagging, poly bagging, and pre-pack direct shipping to hundreds of destinations.

With all of these services offered by one amazing company, you are ready to start your own t-shirt business and watch it take off! No matter how small you start or how big you grow, our cheap custom t-shirt bulk services will be ready! Don’t forget, we will handle the packaging and custom t-shirt dropship processes so that you can focus on the creative side of your business. Contact T-Formation today to place your first order for custom t-shirts in bulk.